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Game Time

Game Time

Last weekend, my sons 10U hockey coach was going over some "chalk talk" with the team before they hit the ice. On a dry erase board in the locker room he drew up a play with the puck going into the corner of the offensive zone and what each player should do when this happens. He drew F1 (forward 1) is the "cheetah" and explained he is in charge of chasing the puck into the corner. F2 is the "alligator" and should be just off the corner and ready to chomp the puck when the cheetah digs it out. Finally, F3 is the "hawk" scanning the play and ready to jump down to support if needed. 

Why is this interesting you ask? My son has been a bit nervous playing this season as he was bumped up to the advanced league and he could feel (and man, can you see!) the shift in skill level. His confidence was shaken after their first game. He wasn't feeling any more at ease before we drove to the game, game 2 of the season. But when the coach wrote, "F3 - Hawk", on the board, he turned to me with an ear to ear grin - his F3 nickname is Hawk! His whole demeanor changed and he had a great game.

Sometimes we find ourselves in positions where we feel like a fish out of water, like we might not be ready for something, like -dare I say- an imposter (IFYKYK). What this moment reminded me is that life lessons don't change that much between 9 and 40. If you are giving your best effort and showing up to do the work, you deserve to be where you are. You're exactly where you should be. It's no secret that it is in those times where we grow the most.

I always feel this obligation to be an example for my kids, doing things that I am uncomfortable with to show them that we are capable of doing difficult things. In fact, when they are hesitant to try something new, I say pretty much exactly that; you can do hard things. I absolutely loved that the tables were turned here and I was able to actively see growth in my 9 year old as he conquered his fears. Proud Dad moment.

So go out there and know you're not only fully capable, but you're the right person for the job.