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Creative Spark

Creative Spark
Trout and Coffee

Sometimes I am in awe of some of the content that is on YouTube. Its easy to get caught up in a spiral of watching review videos when you're in the market for something new, or can't stop watching old clips of The Office, or in my case, John Mayer concert videos.

There are a few creators that I follow outside of my main 2 categories - self help/improvement and guitar related YT'ers - that I want to share!

Trout and Coffee - If you're looking for some beautiful New England scenery with some easy going story telling, check this one out!

Peter McKinnon - I don't own a camera. Unless you count an iPhone. But man, this guy just can make the most boring items look bad ass and makes me want to take cooler photos.

DudeDad - Absurd, fun, and heartfelt. This guy just took some stuff he was good at and made it his living. #winning

Kara and Nate - Admittedly, I don't tune into this as often as I used to, but this is just a fun travel journey. Go check out some of their van life videos or when they did a North Pole cruise. Pretty amazing.

My Self Reliance - Another one I don't watch as often these days, but good background. I started watching these videos back in late 2020. He built is own cabin with mostly hand tools. By himself. Absolutely amazing to watch it come to fruition.

Hope you find something in there you like, but if not, there is always John Mayer's channel. Let me know if you have some other worth sharing!