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Signs from the Universe

Signs from the Universe

"Life has thrown a lot at us this year". I think its safe to say we've all said this, a number of times, pretty much every year. It seems especially so as we get older. Some years though... they are game changers.

2023 certainly feels that way for me. The year kicked off with mass layoffs at my employer and on my 39th birthday no less. Won't forget that one. I was fortunate enough to escape (mostly) unscathed. As the year progressed, we had not 1 but 2 serious health scares in my family. One thing that is for certain, my perspective and priorities had a pretty significant shift because of these two events specifically. For that, I am actually grateful.

I still want to know why though. Is there anything else I can learn from these events? My wife and I sat down to discuss this the other night and landed on the same sentiment; Keep your eyes open and slow down.

We really relied on signs from above to get us through some dark days/weeks and leaned hard into those while we were going through the health scares. I believe it is profoundly important to be open to what the Universe is trying to tell you even if you don't like what you're hearing

Slowing down, for me, tends to be harder but its so important. I am one of those people who all to often will be thinking about the next thing I need to do when I am in the midst of doing something else. I also have a tendency to overthink things so to compensate, I can also be impulsive. Just ask Amazon how many items I return in a given week...

With about 10 days to go in the year, I encourage you to think about what areas of your life need a bit of a slow down, and to keep your eyes open to the signs that are there.