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No Junk January

No Junk January

Welcome, 2024. It's that time of year where every Planet Fitness is packed and all of the healthy food you normally buy is no where to be seen at the grocery store. At least for the first 14ish days of January...

I joined an office hours session this morning with a bunch of super awesome people where the topic of goals and accountability was discussed. Questions around how to approach accountability and the feelings the word itself elicits were shared. Shortly thereafter, I opened to todays page of my new favorite one-page-a-day read, The Daily Pressfield, which said, "Have you ever blow an entire writing morning noodling with a single paragraph or, worse, a solitary sentence? The enemy has outfoxed you. You have hung up an entire battalion trying to capture an outhouse."

So here I am, getting it out of my head and on "paper". This is my sole January resolution. I've got plenty of goals outside of this of all shapes and sizes as I am sure you do too, but for January, I want to let you know I will be utilizing all of my willpower to crush a terrible habit; I will not make any impulse purchase for myself that isn't absolutely necessary. No matter how many emails I get urging me to take advantage of the "opportunities" like the greatest sale of the millenium from REI, or a 25% flash sale at Fanatics for all of the Gamecock gear my heart desires.

Its my own little 30 day challenge that I can do alongside my actual goals for growth. I can get me that little hit of dopamine every time I put something in my cart, tell myself no, then close the window of that website.

I hope you have a fun challenge for January that can get your year started out right!